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Veronie "Dr. Vee" Lawrence H.O.P.E. He replied, "Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this
mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

Matthew 17:20 (NIV)

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How we see ourselves has a major impact on what we put forth in the various aspects of life. From relationship, to vocation, to service, self worth, esteem and confidence determine how successful we are.

Dr. Veronie Lawrence brings a message of hope, a seed to be planted and cultivated to produce a truly abundant life. Her lectures are deep, profound, empowering and transformational to her audience.

Support Educate Empower and Develop Solutions (S.E.E.D.S), is more than just a coaching/consulting business, it is a ministry dedicated to provide you and your organization the tools to Transform, Awaken, and Powerfully “T.A.P” into the best version of YOU!

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Excerpt: “The thought of ending my life was daily and prevailing, but the fear of dying consumed me even more. In 2008, the weekend of President Barack Obama’s inauguration in Washington, DC. was a time of HOPE, a time of history and a time of change. That’s where I needed to be.”

Join Veronie Lawrence and other women as they give their life’s account of triumph and victory through troublesome circumstances.

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Book Reviews

This book brings encouragement to those who have dealt with betrayal, sickness, abandonment, abuse, and became victorious with God’s grace. Veronie, I applaud your attempt to allow individuals voices to be heard with the possibility of reaching others that are voiceless. May God continue to Bless you.

Audrey Egypt YoungFounder/Editor in Chief of The Movement Magazine

Have we not all at some point in our lives felt the ominous cloud of despair? Well, these stories will take you on a journey toward hope unparallel. Each different, but yet somewhat familiar in the stark acceptance, and reality of how life can totally unhinge the best of us. These extraordinary women allow us an opportunity to glimpse their pain, and perhaps find some sense of shared community within. Dr. Lawrence's foresight of realizing the need to pen this book of H.O.P.E. is indeed heart-wrenching, but more importantly a cathartic gift of emotional release.



Felita Granby, LMFTFormer Clinical Director/Assistant Professor | First Lady, First Baptist Church of Bronxville, NY

This book was wanted and needed. I may not have experienced the same life stories but I was able to relate.

Amazon Customer

I stayed up until 2AM reading the book last night. As I read each story all I could say to myself was My God, My God. These were stories of faith, strength and courage. These women's journeys were so powerful, the words leaped off the page like a dagger to the heart. This book is a blessing and if you take a chance you won't be disappointed.


I've finished this masterpiece!!! I'm not sure if you realize the level of insight that you have and the depth that this book goes to in order to reach the soul of the reader. I truly enjoyed reading the book. It made me look at some hard truths about myself and other people that I know. Sometimes, it's hard to put in words all that you truly feel but it's terrific to have a book such as this to let you know that Hope is always there and you are Never alone.

Tina T.
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