Upon this Rock

Meet Dr. “Vee”

Veronie Lawrence, Ed. D

Dr. Lawrence is the Founder and Principal Consultant of SEEDS and the author of a book entitled H.O.P.E. (Hearing, Other, People, Experiences) Real Stories, Real Women, Real Transformation, released in May 2016.

In addition, to the name of her coaching services Dr. Lawrence’s personal motto is planting S.E.E.D.S Support, Empowerment, Education, and Development for all people to succeed, is at the core of all she does. She is passionate about people looking beyond their limitations and seeing their limitless possibilities. She believes when individuals have the right support, are empowered, take advantage of educational opportunities, and focus on their personal development they undoubtedly will be the best version of themselves.

Dr. “Vee” in Action


What can you expect from OneSEED Solutions?

Dr. Veronie Lawrence brings a message of hope, a seed to be planted and cultivated to produce a truly abundant life. Her lectures are deep, profound, empowering and transformation to her audience.

Support-Educate-Empower-Develop Solutions (S.E.E.D.S), is more than just a coaching/consulting business, it is a ministry dedicated to provide you and your organization the tools to Transform, Awaken, and Powerfully “T.A.P” into the best version of YOU!

The logo uses the Andrika symbol, which mean “Life Transformation”.

Reviews of H.O.P.E. 

I stayed up until 2AM reading the book last night. As I read each story all I could say to myself was My God, My God. These were stories of faith, strength and courage. These women's journeys were so powerful, the words leaped off the page like a dagger to the heart. This book is a blessing and if you take a chance you won't be disappointed.


Inspiring, Electrifying, and Testifying..H.O.P.E Springs Eternal. This book allows women not to feel vulnerable about exposing their darkest fears, while showcasing their triumphs. A must read for those who need to be reminded that Proverbs 13:12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. Let's keep H.O.P.E Alive and purchase this book

Gilda D. Gillim

This book was wanted and needed. I may not have experienced the same life stories but I was able to relate.

Amazon Customer

This book brings encouragement to those who have dealt with betrayal, sickness, abandonment, abuse, and became victorious with God’s grace. Veronie, I applaud your attempt to allow individuals voices to be heard with the possibility of reaching others that are voiceless. May God continue to Bless you.

Audrey Egypt YoungFounder/Editor in Chief of The Movement Magazine

I enjoyed this book. It is worth reading, being able to read stories from other women, who wanted to share the struggles and pain that they experience everyday. It touched my heart, how open they all were. When reading this book you can identify with at least one story. Purchase the book and give it to someone who might be experiencing the same things.

Amazon Customer