Workshops & Seminars


Faith and psychology-based school of thought. Which includes, but not limited to Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Intelligence; with a focus to transform from the inside out.

In this seminar, we will discuss that small distracting voice we sometimes hear when we have to take on a new endeavor in our lives, which can hinder us from stepping out in faith; regardless of the success we have had in the past. We will explore the invisible acceptance and faith, which cannot be measured but is necessary to transform our thinking and propel you to the next level.

College Connection Services

College Connection Consultants meet with students and parents for one-on-one sessions, typically lasting for one-hour or facilitate community/parent seminars, which typically last two-hours. (A nominal fee is charged for all sessions) Please call or email for details.

Additional services to the workshop:

Dress for Success (college & career interviews)


AM I Invisible - Black Women in America

Changing “myth” through dialog and empowerment!

In this interactive seminar, we will explore why we think black women are invisible and what we each can do to change the “myth” thought process to empower ourselves and others.

Complimentary shirt with registration.